That Blue Stuff

Hay Where's That, Inc.

$ 26.95

Works quickly on rain rot and scratches. Gets rid of that pesky fungus on the horses legs.  Clears up hopple burns, chafing, saddle sores, coronary band fungus and can be used on the horse’s face for skin problems.  This anti microbial, anitfungal, antibacterial lotion gets the job done!  It is an affordable, effective, non-sticky topical lotion. 

This product contains natural antiseptics and carrier oils.  This topical heals from the inside out with faster results.  Less waste.

You can apply that blue stuff to a horse that has rain rot and turn them out.  They can roll in dirt, mud or water and our product will still be working. As long as the horse is treated every day, it will eliminate the rain rot, scratches and fungus.

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