Pampeano Polo Belt


$ 68.95

Pampeano belts are made from A-grade Argentinian leather, treated in tanneries where they are vegetable dyed and softened in drums. At the headquarters in Buenos Aires, the leather is cut into belt-sized strips and then hand-stamped, allowing the expert artisans to stitch the gorgeous patterns on these belts with meticulous attention to detail. Each belt is completed with the classic antique brass colored buckle.

Belts are 3.5 cm in width.

Size Conversion:

  • 80cm - 28"
  • 85cm - 30"
  • 90cm - 32"
  • 95cm - 34"
  • 100cm - 36"
  • 105cm - 38"
  • 110cm - 40"
  • 115cm - 42"

All belts are measured from the start of the leather, not including the buckle, to the middle hole.

Azules: navy and sapphire blue pampa diamond pattern

Tornado: navy, white and grey Rio pattern

Roca: navy, grey and white pampa diamond pattern

Hermoso: pink and navy pampa diamond pattern

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