Ice-Vibe Tendon Boot

Ice Vibe

$ 269.00

ICE-VIBE Boot by Horseware Ireland  

Ice-vibe can improve the realignment of the tendon fibres during the healing process. Cooling on it's own only prevents inflammation by resisting blood flow and slows down the metabolism. Ice-vibe uses the combination of cold and vibration which minimises swelling while encouraging blood flow and speeds up healing.
The blood supply to the lower limbs of a horse is very poor. Vibration stimulates blood flow to the legs, brings nutrients and removes waste. Prepare to prevent damage. Use the ICE -VIBE boot with only the vibration pads at level 3 to prepare for activity.

Contoured to fit the lower leg, Ice-Vibe® boots can be used on both front and hind legs. Easy to use, first wrap the cold packs around the leg, then place the boots on top of them. Stretchy pockets allow for easy insertion or removal of panels, and secure Velcro fastenings prevent slipping.

ICE -VIBE is set at the optimum settings for differing treatments: 

Level 1 - Treatment of inflammation with cold pack
Level 2 - Rehabilitation
Level 3 - Boosts Circulation

Each Pack Contains:

2 ICE -VIBE Boots
2 cold packs
2 vibrating panels
2 batteries
1 battery charger and 3 adapters for universal use.

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