Piccoli Horse 13"

Piccoli Horses

$ 25.00

Each Horse Comes with a Different Color Saddle

Trot to talk with Award-Winning
Piccoli toy horses + apps

Our educational apps help children practice their growing speaking skills. We do this by bringing together a tangible object (Piccoli plush horse), incorporating physical movements and encouraging parent and child to play together as a team. 
This way the child gets the most out of learning!

Piccoli Horses

Your child's new best buddy! 
Our plush toy horse acts as the tangible object, keeping your child engaged in the present. 
And each horse gets a name!

Piccoli Apps

Our fun apps are designed to improve children's motor skills and language development. 
Get first Piccoli app for
iOS and Android


Your child's most important job is to play! Playing doesn't mean playing a video game. Our apps get your child's whole body engaged in physical play.

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