Oakwood Aussie Shine Anit-Tangle Coat Spray


$ 9.95

Oakwood Anti-Tangle Coat Spray is a convenient detangle spray that helps tame flyaways and penetrates even the most stubborn matts and tangles.

Quickly detangles thick or knotty coats. Ensures easy regular grooming, coat manageability and shine.

Enriched with natural aloe vera for cosmetic purposes and moisturising benefits. Suitable for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.



For long term coat care maintenance, it’s important to regularly condition your pet’s coat. This will ensure the coat is well nourished to help prevent a dry damaged coat and assist in providing a tangle-free, shiny finish. This helps keep the coat healthy. Regular Coat Conditioning will:

  • Nourishes and conditions coat after shampooing.
  • Removes stubborn nots and matted tangles within the coat.
  • Provides a professional shiny and silky finish.

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