Lucky Braids Whitener / Dry Wash

Lucky Braids

$ 33.95

This is not a bleach nor detergent, so it is much more versatile than a stain remover. It is a revolutionary enzymatic formula, which simply dissolves the bond between hair and dirt.

Lucky Braids Whitener/Dry Wash Spray cleans completely, without stripping, parching nor coating hair.

It serves as a handy alternative to bathing ANY COLOR equine:

  • Ringside, instantly get mud off legs and tails.
  • If hooves are soft, no hose is needed
  • When cold, instantly spray and wipe clean
  • Clear Away any stains
  • Spray on sensitive horses after grooming, to helprepel dirt.
  • Enhances luster on any coat, without leaving it slippery

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