Twydil C "Calmin" Packet


$ 17.00

In practice


  • For horses scared of shadows.
  • Support the stomach comfort of nervous horses.
  • Improve muscular elasticity of excited horses.
  • Final preparation for eventing horses.
  • Preparation for three day event horses.


Absorption and kinetics

The effects on horses are felt by the rider or the trainer after 7 days of supplementation. Optimum efficiency for most of the horses will be achieved after 10 days. In case of serious problems it may take 3 weeks to achieve tangible results.

A combination with TWYDIL® HIPPACAN+C is recommended during racing preparations, dressage and eventing competitions.

Endurance horses: TWYDIL® CALMIN can contribute to a limitation of performance in some cases in long distance endurance races (more than 100 km).


A scientific blend of selected vitamins, vitamin E, tryptophane, fructo-oligosaccharides, other micronutrients, trace elements and magnesium for performance horses at risk of becoming over-excited or stressed.

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